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The importance of having financial and banking peace of mind

Entrepreneurs’ priorities are growth, stability, and nancial security, which oen translates to considerable investment in time and eort. On many occasions obtaining valuable information and support for making the best decisions about your money is hard work

There are many steps to follow and areas to cover for this purpose. One of the most important, primary, we would say, is banking. There are several questions that one should ask, what entity to trust open accounts business in question? Which are the products to behave to speed up banking operations and financial? Can they cope with all my needs and requests?

It’s certainly something to worry about, but beyond that, to take proper care you must do a proper investigation of which entities offer the conditions ideal so entrepreneurs can relax and
know that your money is protected, and that they have a solid companion to grow and become a strategic partner for supporting them in everything time and place.

The last post of the Edelman global report confidence in the system financial , shows how indicators of this sector have been negatively aected. We can nd that the trust index overall in the industry decreased ve points in 2021 vs. the year above, which leads us to think that nding the best ally banking is vital.

Several factors should be expected from an entity partner bank. Understanding the generality of entrepreneurs aspire to, attributes such as strength, safety, communication, speed, igitization, and ubiquity are on the table. Today, globalization has erased investment borders, business has expanded to unsuspected levels with the use of technology, both local and global products have
grown and continue to expand.

However, there are also limitations for entrepreneurs. Often, you can’t leave the country of origin for the day-to-day responsibilities, as by factors among which costs are found, documentation, international barriers, availability of companions, among many others. That’s when the offer of global financial products is incredibly supportive of this sector, allowing them from your country of origin to have accounts and investments in other countries who can support you in strengthening their business.

It is essential to have the right ally. This is clearly understood at NodusBank , and that is why it offers a portfolio of broad banking products so that customers can feel the peace of having tools in one place adequate to support them in their financial management. One of them, and perhaps the most important figure we offer, is the possibility of opening dollar accounts anywhere the entrepreneur is. The ease of opening distance is an absolute advantage in giving the company tool bank shares in dollars that allows movement immediately without traveling or incurring expenses to keep your portfolio active financial support.

Furthermore, customer support for your peace of mind, information, and solution to potential inconvenience is another factor that the employer considers for your choice of financial entity. In this regard, NodusBank has established a care department and relationship with a unique strength. It offers proximity, follow-up, and constant communication with the clients. From the opening of the account, the executives of a relationship turn to support entrepreneurs everywhere time, on your requirements, needs, and solution of inconvenience for assure them that they have an ally in its growth and the future.

The technological factor is another exciting advantage of having an account in dollars wherever you are, like the one offered by NodusBank. It keeps accounts in that currency and allows you to
have a great portfolio of supported products on digital platforms, streamline moves through different payment methods and payment for transactions of products and services, perform payments to suppliers, make investments, and monitor the bills.

Digital transformation is the way of the future for the banking sector, a method that, in all its inges, will impact the way powerfully manage nancial resources, and we can evidence it in the 2030 banking report prepared by the consulting firm Deloitte.

There are innumerable advantages of having an account in dollars outside the country of origin with all the support that NodusBank oers as collateral

Security is essential to ensure that companies may have a growing space without putting your investments at risk. We therefore offer are multiple guarantees, formalizing transparency in operations and solidity in all moments.

Many companies do not have an account in dollars outside their countries of origin, considering that often they may be untrustworthy, not necessary, and they can be complicated. On many occasions, small businesspeople and entrepreneurs even separate their accounts from personal work, causing these problems: confusion, affectation in the operations, and the impossibility of obtaining better services. NodusBank understands that situation and offers business accounts and personal ones to support customers. This allows them to separate and gives the correct use to each of them, thus achieving growth more efficiently in your business and a personal plan that will always be positive for them.

Diversifying personal finances and business is essential to through the bank’s instruments in dollars. The correct financial health of this currency allows you to have an asset that keeps the value in international markets and supports global business management since most transactions today are made in this currency directly. Global industries such as tourism, education, and trade
exchanges are primarily based on the dollar. reports…that this coin has more than 85% of predominance in the international markets of foreign exchange, making it the global benchmark for nancial transactions today.

As we said at the beginning, let’s remember that the tranquility of nancial and banking is essential for the solid progress of business and personal level, in the same way, something that is priceless.

Contact us as soon as possible, and relationship executives NodusBank will be at your disposal to kindly manage your requirements, doubts, and comments.
We are to assist you when it is ideal for you, with the closeness and tranquility, what do you need to move forward with your banking requirements and finances. Find out the ease of doing
banking transactions with trusted strategic business partners and offering potential in your growth thanks to instruments in dollars we offer our clients.

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